Goods & Service Leaders

Companies as diverse as the clients we serve

Service Excellence & an Innovative Approach

The entrepreneurial vision and shared values of the Kerrisdale Group is foundational to each of our companies.  It is also what drives our day to day decision making. From technology services to interior design, we are dedicated to a higher level of client service. Across the board, we are detail-oriented, creative, technically excellent and constantly striving towards a higher standard of product and service offerings.

IT Directorship

Technology Assurance

IT Leadership, Management & Governance

IT Directorship is a technology assurance firm that combines industry expertise with a proven framework to deliver IT leadership, management, and governance solutions.

Working alongside clients, IT Directorship aligns IT goals with business goals, to increase business value, improve service delivery and maximize return on technology investment. IT Directorship’s holistic approach to IT strategy, general controls & audit, and cyber-risk assurance ensures IT portfolios are optimized to drive better business performance.

The Tech Valet

IT Services Delivered with Care

Proactive, Empathetic & Scalable

The Tech Valet is a white-glove IT support & managed services provider delivering business technology solutions within Western Canada. With a focus on cybersecurity, cloud transformation and IT support, The Tech Valet protects businesses from cyber-risk and downtime while maximizing the value of technology investments.

The company strives to a higher standard of client service with a commitment to engaging clients, building relationships and consistently delivering quality, proactive and client-focused IT services tailored to the unique needs of every client. The Tech Valet is proudly certified as a Microsoft Solutions Partner.


Your Trusted Source for technology procurement

The Right Business Technology for Less

Techgoods is a procurement services provider delivering the right business technology for less. As your trusted source, Techgoods’ works closely with distributors to ensure on-time delivery, streamlining the procurement of hardware, software and cloud products.

The company’s procurement specialists negotiate right-sized contracts, manage warranties, and track licensing agreements to drive value for businesses across the product lifespan. With Techgoods’ vast network of trusted suppliers, in combination with extensive product expertise, businesses can feel confident that their technology purchase will fit the business need.