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Growing a Legacy

By our roots we will thrive

Our Story

In early 2007, Jeff and Karla Amadatsu started a small online furniture store that specialized in refinished vintage pieces, selling to customers in Vancouver and the surrounding suburbs. Called “Kerrisdale Design”, in reference to Karla’s grandparents home community in Vancouver, the online boutique quickly evolved into a bricks and mortar store located in White Rock BC.  Later in 2009, Kerrisdale Design transitioned away from retail to focus on residential interior design services.

With Kerrisdale Design launched, Jeff delved back into Information Technology, working as a freelance IT management consultant under the name Kerrisdale IT Consulting. As demand grew, the push was made to expand into a full service IT consulting firm.  In 2012, a team comprised of both business and technology experts was formed, creating the foundation of what IT Directorship is today.  Further expansion has lead to presence in Calgary and Toronto.

In 2016, recognizing the need for a more client-focused IT support company which could leverage the unique skill-set and insights of IT Directorship, The Tech Valet was launched. Seeking to provide IT support services with a white-glove approach, The Tech Valet aimed to be distinctly different from other support companies.  Upon establishing and growing into a formidable IT services company, The Tech Valet was acquired by a leading Vancouver-based Managed Service Provider in January 2019.

Kerrisdale Group continues to pursue its vision of establishing a thriving portfolio of goods and service leaders identified by shared roots values and entrepreneurial spirit.  Its mission is to build great businesses and develop entrepreneurial leaders with a heart for servant-hood equipped to make a bigger impact.  In July 2019, Kerrisdale Group announced an Equity Value Unit Plan “EVUP” to broaden and deepen employee ownership and further cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Purpose

“Kerrisdale started out in a very simple, modest way. Two young people who loved business, were excited about unique products, and desired to create something that truly delighted their clients.  

A lot has changed since then. What originated as a small online boutique furniture store has evolved into something bigger and more meaningful than either of us would have imagined. Now made up of diverse group of companies involving a most cherished team, Kerrisdale might look completely different from the outside, but inside, those same early values and passions remain.

Building great businesses continues to be a priority at Kerrisdale, but it is our people and the fruit they bear which will truly define our legacy. People are what matter most in this world – not money, fame, material possessions, or business success.  Thus we are committed to developing leaders with a heart for servanthood and equipping them to make a bigger impact. 

‘By our roots we will thrive’ has become a mantra for us across all businesses, underscoring our belief that our values will ultimately be what shapes us and leads to growth in all aspects – people, business, and community.”

– Jeff & Karla Amadatsu

Our Root Values

We aspire for our people and our endeavours to be marked with integrity.


We lead by serving others in our internal and external communities. We truly care about the needs and interests of others and put them at the forefront of each decision and action.


We honour our commitments and deliver on our promises. We act as good stewards, taking personal responsibility for the resources entrusted to us.


We seek to build and grow meaningful, long-lasting relationships with all whom we meet. Trust and mutual respect are the desired outcome.


We consistently deliver quality goods and services that delight others. We are committed to continuous improvement and pursuing opportunities which add business value.

Our People

Our people are constantly growing, adapting and endeavouring to better themselves, their companies, and their communities. At the Kerrisdale Group, our international team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. We challenge the status quo and always strive towards excellence.

It feels different being part of the Kerrisdale Group. Our commitment to building leaders means we take a special interest in your goals and how we can work together to achieve them. Having a higher purpose not only helps our business survive, but ensures our people thrive.  Come join us and become an instrumental part of our team.